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We’ll teach you how to improve sales and increase revenue

Are you a franchise owner that’s struggling to find solid footing? Do you want to negotiate a better deal on your current lease? Are you seeking better business opportunities? RLT Consulting provides you with the business advice you’re searching for. We offer:

  • Leasing consulting for tenants and landlords
  • Buying and selling guidance for businesses
  • Operations consulting for companies who want to increase sales

Our owner believes everything in life is negotiable. There’s always a way to put yourself in a better position to make money. We’ll help you gain a better understanding of the art and psychology of the human mind and why people make decisions. Contact RLT Consulting today to give your company a better foundation.

Learn How to drive Revenues

We will analyze the metrics of your business and determine the best path to grow sales with new practices. We will calculate decisions based on numbers generated from tracking results.

We can help determine "what you want to sell" and how to sell it. Our follow through on the executional end is extremely valuable as its application of knowledge that produces results, not just knowledge.

We’re ready to share the pathway to success

A franchisee himself, our owner has been working in stores since he was 8. He’s built stores and staff across nine states, including 14 Auntie Anne’s Pretzels and two Great American Cookie Co. franchises.
Every acquisition of from previous ownership, has lead to double digit sales increases. Rob has several cases of over 100% increases!!
Rob has also had a tremendous success rate turning failing businesses into winners. Finding leverage in every case he has repositioned his clients into better deals, lower rents, royalty reduction or relief as well as decreased pricing from wholesale vendors.
He has also had a very high success rate getting TA or TI as he believes the landlord should contribute towards the cost of improving their building!!
Rob has a track record of negotiating with the sole purpose of enriching his clients lives.
We’re always available to help, whether it’s by phone or in person. Call 717-891-5168 today to schedule a consultation with RLT Consulting.

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